Each survey completed is submitted to a point system, and for each 5000 points, you have the opportunity to directly redeem your points for an Amazon E-gift voucher* reward or a Debenhams E-gift voucher reward , or you can keep them and accumulate them.  Amazon / Debenhams E-gift voucher will be sent within minutes following your request.

A survey will be considered duly completed if during the survey the notice "You do not fulfil the criteria" does not appear.

As for product tests conducted at home, your account will be credited with "x" points according to the project. In the same way as surveys on line, you have the opportunity to exchange them immediately or to accumulate them. You will be able to keep the product(s) sent for the test.

The following will not be considered as surveys: pre-recruitments for a possible home test, surveys relating to the organisation of the community, surveys from which you have been rejected because you do not meet the profile criteria, the Customs and Attitudes questionnaire, or satisfaction surveys.

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